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Unlock the Power of

Elevate Your Home Service Provider with Advanced AI

Master Hub

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Master Hub: Revolutionizing Home Services

Master Hub is the game-changing AI software designed to empower independent contractors with unparalleled ease and efficiency in appliance repair.

With cutting-edge features like intelligent diagnostics and predictive maintenance, Master Hub revolutionizes the repair process.

Why Master Hub

Swift Resolution of Disputes

Master Hub learns to swiftly resolve disputes, eliminating the waiting period often associated with decision-making. Our system operates 24/7, ensuring quick responses and resolutions for all participants in the process.

Replacing Human Intervention

Our ultimate goal is to replace human intervention in service-related matters. Master Hub relies on meticulously defined protocols for honest and automated interactions between both parties, paving the way for a more efficient and transparent service experience.


Unifying Service Hub and Expert Hub

Master Hub seamlessly connects Service Hub and Expert Hub into a unified network, where technicians and clients interact effortlessly without any intermediaries. Our algorithms optimize technician schedules, provide repair assistance, and automatically keep clients informed about essential details.

Expert Hub - Revolutionizing Home Service Business Management. Discover how we're transforming the way independent contractors handle their services.

Service Hub: Your Trusted Home Service Solution. We provide comprehensive services under one roof, offering convenience and reliability.

Join Our Team of Innovators

Are you a skilled programmer or developer ready to make a mark in the world of AI-driven home services? Join our team at Master Hub and be part of a revolutionary change. Submit your application now.

Thank you! We will contact you soon!

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